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What is post-purchase offer?

A post-purchase offer is a promotion or discount presented to customers immediately after they have completed a purchase. This type of offer aims to encourage additional sales by taking advantage of the momentum of the buying process, often by offering complementary products, upgrades, or exclusive deals.

Does the customer need to re-enter their payment information?

No, the customer does not need to re-enter their payment information for post-purchase offers. The payment information entered during the initial purchase is securely saved and can be used to seamlessly process any additional purchases made through post-purchase offers.

What kind of offers can I create?

You can create a variety of post-purchase offers, including discounts on additional products, exclusive access to new products. Or you can enable Lazy Koala funnel and let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

How many offers can I show per customer?

Per Shopify's regulations, you are allowed to include two extra offers in the post-purchase funnel.

What is a post-purchase funnel?

After completing the checkout process, the customer is presented with an initial post-purchase offer. Should the customer accept this offer, a second upsell offer, which is optional, becomes available. Conversely, if the customer declines the initial offer, an optional down-sell offer is shown instead. Following these interactions, the customer is directed to the "Thank You" page.

Why the post-purchase offer is not appearing in my store?

Ensure that your post-purchase funnel is activated within the UpsellKoala application. All orders should amount to a minimum of $0.5. For any further assistance, kindly reach out to our support team.

What are volume discounts?

Volume Discounts are discounts offered to customers who purchase a specific quantity of a product. These discounts are designed to incentivize customers to buy more of a product by offering them a lower price per unit when they purchase a larger quantity.

How many active volume discounts can I have?

You have the option of setting up a single deal applicable to all products, or creating up to five unique deals for select products.

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